Article Project
This project will ask you to analyze the economic concepts we have learned in class in a piece of
current media. The instructions for this project
are as follows:
1. Find an article that is dated within the last year (the more recent, the better). This article
should be something you can connect directly to the concepts that we learned in class this
semester (e.g., supply/demand, elasticity, externalities, taxes, price controls, etc.). You will
lose substantial numbers of points if your article is not relatable to our class. If you have
questions about the suitability of your article, ask me ahead of time.
2. Prepare a report (2-3 pages, double-spaced) with the following parts:
a. Summary of the article.
b. Quantitative analysis of the economic issue at hand (e.g., a well-labeled graph with
c. Intuitive analysis of the economic issue at hand (i.e., describing the intuition behind
what is going on as if you were explaining it to your parents at the dinner table).
d. Reflection (e.g., do you agree with the author’s conclusion, does the policy make
sense that the article is describing, is the event described good or bad, etc.).