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For your initial discussion post reply, write a detailed (200-300 words long) answer to the question below. Your response MUST include specific examples for the book. For each example provided from the book, you must include the page number from the book the example is on.
Please be sure to write in well-developed paragraph(s) and in complete sentences and address ALL parts of the question. Also, be sure to proofread your answer for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors before submitting it.
Once you have posted your initial reply, you will also need to reply to AT LEAST two of your classmates’ posts. These responses must add substantially to the original post (i.e. vague answers like “I agree with you” are not appropriate at this level) and should be 50-100 words long each. Replies to your classmates’ posts are due three days after the assignment due date (i.e. if the assignment due date is June 10th that means your initial reply is due by June 10th and your two replies to your classmates’ posts are due June 13th).
Week #3 Discussion Question:
Like most people, the Kennedy brothers had their share of both positive and negative qualities. Perhaps that’s why so many people have been fascinated by their life stories. In your view, what qualities stand out as their best? What stand out as their worst? Explain.
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