Reading: Read the assignment material for the week. This week, the reading assignment is:
Natural Hazards, Unnatural Disasters, (Entire Book)
Assignment: Provide an approximate 1500-word document analyzing important concepts in the readings. Assume that you are writing for an uninformed reader that knows nothing about the topic and has not read what you read. Provide an introduction that gives the background of the resource that you are reviewing, so the reader will understand what they’re reading and why. Include the following topics for inclusion in this week’s discussion:
– Discuss Hazard Clustering including how do hazards ‘cluster’ and what are the impacts?
– Discuss how Hazard Clustering disasters impact the economy and growth?
– Discuss individual preparedness including are individuals adequately self-sufficient and concerned for their own welfare and safety?
– Discuss how governments can help individuals and society overall?
– What is the role of insurance? Is insurance sustainable in an environment of increasing risk?
– How are cities inherently hazardous?
Rubric: DO NOT list out the topics or questions and answer them. Provide APA formatted headings. Ensure that you meet or exceed the 1500-word target, and that your paper meets APA presentation requirements. Save the Microsoft Word document as [yourlastnameWkX] (e.g. SmithWk4) and upload the paper to the assignment.
Can you save the essay as BettsWK8 & Betts as author prior to sending to me