So, what types of metrics are important in HR and what are they useful for? To answer this question, please read the following articles regarding HR metrics:
Jessee, T. (n.d.). 48 HR KPIs & metric examples (and how to implement them). ClearPoint Strategy. Standard right to access materials on ClearPoint Strategy site for noncommercial purposes.
Seven habits. (2019). 7 habits that are stalling your employee engagement program and how to fix them. Glint. Standard right to access materials on Glint Inc. site for noncommercial purposes.
After reading the required background material, prepare an essay in which you identify five key performance metrics to measure employee satisfaction.
You should address the following questions about each of the five metrics you selected to measure employee engagement/satisfaction:
Discuss three reasons why employee engagement/satisfaction metrics might rise or fall.
What steps should a company take to improve employee engagement/satisfaction?