This week we have learned about the simple view of reading, the reading rope, phonological awareness, word recognition, and fluency. Summarize each of these topics (no more than 1 paragraph each). Reflect on yourself and your memories of learning to read English. How does what you learned this week change the way you think about struggling readers?
I am looking for:
Answering the question
Connecting to yourself as a learner or teacher
Citing at least 2 course materials
Using appropriate grammar and mechanics
Responding thoughtfully to at least 2 peers
In 3-5 paragraphs (probably closer to 5 since there is a lot of content), describe your current understanding of the language comprehension section of the reading rope and how it contributes to reading comprehension. Include information about how this knowledge relates to you as a teacher or learner and how this knowledge will affect your teaching practice.
Include at least 2 citations
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