Answer following questions
Q1-Compare the Task Manager on your lab computer to the Task Manager on your personal computer or another Windows OS computer you have access to.
What do you observe?
Do you notice any differences in the processes running between the two?
What do you think they represent?
Q2- Explore the configuration options within the System and Security, and Security and Maintenance, tools. What did you find?
Q3- Open the Control Panel and check out the categories and options under them:
Which ones have you used before?
What category options do you think are useful to be familiar with as a cybersecurity analyst?
Why do you think they will be useful?
Q4- Step 1: Navigate to the Network and Sharing Center in the Control Panel or Settings app.
Go to Advanced Sharing Settings.
Check the sharing options for different network profiles.
Step 2: Try to find other settings discussed in this lesson using your lab.
Step 3: If you are using a Windows OS computer to access the course material, find the settings mentioned in the course content on this computer as well.
1. Do you notice any similarities or differences between the lab and your personal computer?
2. Based on what you know about the settings discussed so far, would you make any setting changes based on what you found?
3. Why do you think it is important to update these settings?