As we learned, we are socialized into different patterns of behavior; therefore, chances are good that at your job you will be working with others who are very different from you. In this project component, you will use the information gained in this class to describe how you can be more effective in dealing with other people.
This week, you will create a PowerPoint presentation to discuss what you learned from your research and how you can apply it to your own life as you interact with many groups of people.
Perform the following tasks:
Complete the reading assignment and the interactive lecture before attempting this assignment.
To complete this assignment:
Review the Take advantage of PowerPoint’s Notes
(Links to an external site.)
feature for a refresher on how to use PowerPoint notes.
Review the Written Assignment Guidelines for a review of writing expectations.
Create a 5 – 10 slide PowerPoint presentation that describes how you can be more effective cohabitating with other people.
Use the project components from previous weeks to assist you.
Use the PowerPoint notes to narrate the slides as if you were giving the presentation to a live audience.
Ensure that your presentation is free of spelling and grammatical errors.