young man calls you at home late at night and insists on seeing you
because he has to get some things straight in his life. You welcome him
into your home and he starts saying that he needs to figure out why he
believes he’s saved. He has been baptized, a church member, but he has
been “having a good time” all through high school. He heard a sermon
randomly with his girlfriend at her church last week, and the preacher
was talking about James. He wants to know if his faith is “dead.” He
says, “My girlfriend really wants me to get baptized because her parents
don’t think we can date until I do. I love her. I want to stay with
her. But I want to be baptized in my own church. Will you baptize me?”
Using your knowledge of James-Jude, what would you say (include
references)? (WLO1, WLO3).
Your original post should be between 250-300 words