Based on Ross (2014) discuss the differences between
emergency managers and elected officials highlighting some of the
challenges elected officials face during recovery. Then, provide
examples of strategies for vertical and horizontal integration by
elected officials IN YOUR community (explore its urban-rural county
context variables) and link those strategies to Ross (2013) Model of
Resilience and reflect what role do elected officials play in the
processes of emergency operation planning as specified by McEntyre and
Myers (2004). Finally, describe the genesis and
purpose of the Coastal Resiliency Coalition (CRC) and present processes
adopted by the CRC to achieve its mission underscoring main focus areas
of concern. Then, link activities and processes by CRC to the four
attributes of the adaptive process. Can you think of other cases in
other communities that exemplify adaptive processes like the CRC?
Reading: Ross, A. (2014). Local disaster resilience: Administrative and local perspectives. New York, NY