Complete the following Comprehensive Project
Your athlete presents with the following compensations in an overhead squat assessment:
-Arms fall forward
-Posterior pelvic tilt
-Bilateral Knee valgus
-Both feet slightly externally rotate
Answer the following questions (use headings/subheading appropriately based upon the questions below, follow APA):
Which muscles should you SMR?
What are the benefits of SMR?
Which muscles should you statically stretch?
Are there any differences between these muscles and the muscles receiving SMR? If yes, why?
What muscles should be activated?
Give 1 example of an integrated exercise & identify why this exercise is a good choice for these compensations.
Why should these compensations be addressed prior to this athlete entering into pre-season training?
How does a corrective exercise program fit into the global approach of training an athlete?
must include at least 3 peer-reviewed resources in your response. The
answers to your “why” questions should be supported by the literature.The paper must be written in a scholarly fashion, integrating the
literature to support your writing. Your assignment must be written in
APA format. The paper should be 4-6 pages in length (excluding
cover page and reference list).