Dear Writers,
Read the file carefully and make the powerpoint presentation , something that looks nice but nothing too fancy. You have to make the slides in this manner.
Follow table of contents for slides
This is the conclusion that is supposed to be be at the bottom of the word file attached . Use this to make the conclusion slide
The professional-based learning was a beneficial module
for both Kejsi and Samuel for various reasons. The main reason is that
through this course, they were able to keep track of their progress and
to make a very detailed report on skills that they should improve.
Kejsi and Samuel, throughout this course were able to put a strong
emphasis on the importance of soft skills in the workplace. Taking in
consideration, the fact that both were lacking confidence and having a
fixed mindset because of exposure to different cultures and working
directly with people to all seniority levels.
conclude, developing a growth mindset it was not an easy task to do, it
has helped on broadening the horizon, seeing things differently and
having a different approach to things such as seeing mistakes as lessons
and always willing to learn more.
Having a growth
mindset and the ambition to learn and strive forward has eventually
resulted in stepping out of the comfort zone and take initiative to
tasks and to try something new.