Description of essay- (Humanities; Fairtytales)
1. The term paper must be 2000 words, which means 4 single spaced or 8 double spaced pages. ( papers with lower word count will loose points)
2. Provide with a list of resources and references used to compose your paper. The 2000 words limit does not include the reference list. It means your paper must be 2000 words plus a reference list.
3. Your topic must include one Fairy Tale of your choice which has a history of many versions ( for example the story of Cinderella has 9 versions in our textbook itself) and it has elements of the various issues discussed through our syllabus.
For example if you choose the fairy tale Cinderella, you have to talk about the various versions of the story in different cultures/countries or languages. You need to evaluate the fairy tale on any four issues from our syllabus such as Gender stereotyping, Feminism, LGBT+ issues, Violence and Villains, Witches, Sorcery and witchcraft, Animal Spirits, Hope culture, Class system and Marxism, Women as wicked and greedy, Magic and enchantment, Standards of beauty etc. You must talk about any four of the above issues by identifying them in your chosen fairy tale.