Directions for completing assignment (see the attached file at the end of this page).
• Write critical analysis of selected theme in no more than 700 words.
• Assignments more than 5% in excess of the word limit will be penalized. Please state the number of words used. References are excluded from the word count.
• Marks will be awarded for a logical approach as well as accurate content.
• All typed work should be inTimes New Roman [font size 12]. All work should be double-spaced.
• Please use the appropriate Referencing System. References should be less than 7 years old and at least 10 peer-reviewed journal articles or reputable websites. Sources like Newspapers, Wikipedia are unacceptable for use as a reference.
You Must Cite the textbook along with page numbers, use the search option to find relevant information ( SEE TEXTBOOK ACCESS DOC)
Download all provided materials and review thoroughly
Use the example case study as a guide.
First, provide an overview of the case. Include the character names and scenario. Then, answer the questions provided in the case study.
Use relevant subheadings, DO NOT USE Q&A Format
Attach a plagiarism report (Preferably SafeAssign)
I will check references, DO NOT change the date of any reference to make it seem like it is less than 7 years old. If you do that, I will not comply with your payment release. I have had some great papers AND terrible papers written on this site, so please proofread. Type in fluent English (US). Follow all instructions provided. THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR WORK THAT DOES NOT FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS.