Fire Inspection ChecklistOne of the functions of a fire prevention division is to conduct inspections. You have been tasked by the fire marshal to address the outdated fire inspection checklist that your agency currently uses. Your assignment is to develop a two- to three-page fire inspection form that identifies the inspection process for commercial occupancies. Consider what you should be looking for when conducting these inspections: improper storage of flammable or combustible liquids, presence of smoke detectors, or egress issues. Your inspection form should have enough detail that if given to an engine company, the crew would be able to perform the inspection with ease. Keep in mind, these types of structures will most likely have some sort of fire protection system such as a fire alarm or sprinkler system.
In your checklist, highlight the major components and areas of concern in yellow or aqua.
At the bottom of your checklist, compose an essay of at least 500 words in which you describe the benefits of the fire prevention division’s involvement in the inspection plan review process. Also, explain how creating a fire prevention plan can be an effective fire prevention method for organizations within a community. Be sure to use at least one outside source for your essay, and ensure that proper APA formatting is used.