For this paper, you will select some claim that you suspect is more pseudo-science than science. Alternatively, you can select some theory or claim that is part of currently accepted science. To do the analysis:
First describe the claim and the source in the introduction. Be sure to provide details (documentation) of a legitimate place the claim is made. Keep in mind that someone saying something does not make it true. You will need accurately documented research in this paper.
Then work through all 10 of Shermer’s questions in his Baloney Detection Kit, as best as you can. To be clear, paste or duplicate the actual questions into your submission. There may be some questions where there is not enough evidence to provide a veridical answer. If that is the case, be sure to explain why you are unable to address that question.
Finally, provide your own conclusions as to whether the claim is scientifically verifiable or pseudo-science. Try to avoid any preconceived bias as you may find that the conclusion surprises you.
Place your analysis in a properly MLA formatted (double-spaced, one inch margins, etc.) MS Word compatible format and submit through the link below.
There is no set word count or page limit. The goal is to fully answer as many of the questions as possible. The options below are just suggestions, but you are free to evaluate any claim legitimately being proffered today as factual or plausible. However, please clear any claim with your instructor before digging in too deep.
Some possible claims can be found in any episode of “Finding Bigfoot” or “Ancient Aliens.” Institute for Creation Science
Look for the debate between Ken Ham and Bill Nye on creation versus evolution

Please see the attached rubric for how this paper will be assessed.
Some Websites:

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