For this week’s
Assignment, you will continue in the role of a consultant who has been hired by
the CEO of TESLA to lead a tiger team tasked with addressing issues the
organization is facing. You will build on the work you completed in the previous
weeks (Review Weeks 1-7 assignments) and will finalize development of your
Strategy Playbook for Exceptional Results in order to present it to the CEO.
This week, you will
continue to compile Section 3 of your playbook. Be sure to address the
requirements for Part 3, and include specific examples (where appropriate) and
relevant citations that support your work. In additionan, you will craft an executive summary that will serve as page
1 of your playbook( Review Weeks 1-7 Assignments to complete executive summary).
Instructions for the executive summary listed below in RED.
To prepare for this
FOLLOW the Week 8 Assignment
Use the Week 8 Assignment
Template Part 3. Please make sure
to include any and all headings and subheadings in the paper.
Submit your 4- to 5-page
strategy implementation for TESLA and 1-page executive summary, to include the
Part 3: Implementing
the Strategy
Explain how a strategy
framework can provide the foundation for your overall business strategy.
Explain the purpose of
strategy reporting and how it can lead to a competitive business strategy.
Analyze the effects of the TESLA’s
mission/vision and its practices related to diversity and corporate social
responsibility/positive social change on implementation of your proposed
Using all the information
gathered from your work thus far, explain how you would implement your
proposed strategy.
As part of the
implementation, propose a recommended approach to effective change
management leadership that would promote the success of strategy
Recommend strategies for
mitigating any anticipated risks identified in Part 1
Executive Summary
Provide a 1-page
executive summary for your entire strategy playbook as follows:
Clearly identify the purpose
of the playbook for the organization (from Section 1).
Summarize the results of
your evaluation (from Section 2).
Concisely synthesize your