Gross Domestic Product is a term you probably hear all the time but may have had no real
understanding of before this course. For this assignment, you will create a PowerPoint
presentation to teach someone unfamiliar with GDP all about it.
Structure your presentation as follows:
1. Title slide
2. Objectives slide – List the main points your presentation will cover
3. Body slides – At least 80% of text written in your own words, with in-text citations as needed
when information from a resource is used.
a. Define GDP and provide a brief description of its history.
b. Describe the pros and cons of GDP. In other words, what does it capture well, and what
does it leave out?
c. Identify alternative approaches to measuring a country’s economic health (you will need
to research this).
Give at least one detailed example of another country’s method that uses an
alternative approach to measuring economic health/growth.
Explain whether you feel this alternative method would work in the U.S. and why or
why not.
4. Summary slide – Wrap up your presentation; provide a summary or set of concluding points
5. References slide
You must also include at least ONE relevant graphic, such as a diagram or picture.
The “Study Aide” file goes into more details about the presentation