Project 1: Analysis of SEC 10-K
The SEC 10-K assignment will consist of research and the completion of a report on select areas of an annual SEC 10-K report filed by a public company with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The focus of this assignment is on the disclosure issues related to the segment and noncontrolling interest information in the SEC 10-K. You will conduct internet-based research to select a public company of your choice from the list of companies included in the Fortune 100 companies, and locate its most recent SEC 10-K report for your project.
The Data Analytics Dasboard:
Using the software as directed by the professor, you need to use the data analytics software to prepare a dashboard demonstrating financial performance over the three years (two prior years and the current SEC report year).
At a minimum, your dashboard should include:
Consolidated income and expenses
Vertical Analysis of Income Statement for each of the three years presented
Data Visualization based on segment information (this could be a pie chart and/or a columnar presentation with vertical analysis for total revenue, profit, and assets as presented in the note to the financial statement on segments)
Working capital with accompanying explanation of negative or positive working capital
Suggested Topics to Included:
Financial Statements
Intercompany Transactions
MD&A and Segments – (major customers, profitabilty, % of segments
Functional Currency/ foreign subsidiaries
Microsoft Word 10K report:
Estimated length: five to seven (5-7) pages
1-inch margins top & bottom; 1 to 1.25 inches on left & right sides
Line spacing: single spacing with double spacing between paragraphs
Font size: 12 CPI
Font style: Times New Roman
Save the file with YOUR NAME in the file name.
Example: YourNameSECreport.docx