The purpose of this worksheet is to help you outline and review how crime myths are created and perpetuated, as well as the factors that impact crime myths – their origins, construction, detection, and consequences.
This week your worksheet will be over chapters 10 & 11 in the K & P book and Chapters 7 & 8 in the Natapoff book. You are also asked to the
TED Talks: Why Violence Clusters in Cities – and How to Reduce it. By Thomas Abt.

You are also asked to view John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight: Public Defenders. Public Defenders: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) – YouTube

Reflect back on the issues covered in this module and complete the following questions:
Muddiest Point – write about the most unclear, or “muddiest” aspect of the module. Was there something that you still do not understand? Are there other scenarios or contexts that you think contradicts the material?
Intriguing Thought – consider an aspect of the discussion in the module that intrigued you. Was there a moment of clarity or something that gave you insight that you haven’t considered before?