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by Ruben Valle Garcia – Tuesday, June 21, 2022, 11:20 PM
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Hi Mayelin,
I love how you have addressed the importance of immigration policies in the United States. Your research mainly focuses on the importance of policy reforms when it comes to immigrants. This is an educative article as it helps one understand that immigration policy reforms are for the betterment of the American citizens as they help reduce the number of illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrants in a country create a security threat, change employment dynamics, and lead to overcrowding.
Though most people who move to the United States are in pursuit of a better life, without the right policies in place, there is a high possibility that people would move into the country for illegal purposes such as drug and human trafficking. Before immigrants enter the country, authorities must ensure they have the right documents to avoid issues (Rodriguez & Dawkins, 2017). The process of immigration should be fair, and other Americans should not discriminate against immigrants; this fuels the rates of racial prejudice. The government should also ensure that reforms should only focus on reducing illegal immigrants and addressing issues immigrants face in the country. Immigrants have a tough time in the United States because, in most cases, they are treated as second-class citizens. Immigrants are minority groups; therefore, they are more likely to experience discrimination as they do not share similar privileges with American citizens.
Rodriguez, F. A., & Dawkins, M. (2017). Undocumented Latino youth: Migration experiences and the challenges of integrating into American society. Journal of International Migration and Integration, 18(2), 419-438.
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