Review the two videos Building Supportive Environments: Setting Rules and Expectations (opens in a new tab) and Powerful Learning Environments (opens in a new tab). Consider the aspects of child development discussed in this lesson. Choose one developmental domain (physical, emotional, social, linguistic, or cognitive) and discuss how to prepare an environment that supports this development. Be sure to include the following in your response:
State the developmental domain you chose.
Describe this developmental domain.
Include how you can determine appropriate activities for a child.
Select activities/supports you can provide in the classroom for this development.
Provide variations or alternatives to consider for children who might develop atypically.
Here is the developmental domain I chose
Physical development
Physical development
Children under age 6 require a lot of practice developing and refining their movements both for gross motor and fine motor. Activities in an environment for young children should include movement; they are active learners and need to be provided with hands-on activities. Activities that support fine and gross motor skills not only help the child with physical development but also provide essential cognitive connections in the brain network.
Here are the video i need you to watch