Step 1: I Wonder Statement
Use the ‘I Wonder” statement you created in Lesson 3 along with all of the evidence-based research you collected in Lesson 5 to create a case study. In addition, create a minimum of three critical thinking and application questions along with responses based on the case study, citing evidence based practices and cultural literacy. Lastly, write an analysis and reflection about your “I Wonder” statement. What new wonders and curiosities have you uncovered along with how this case may or may not relate your personal and/or professional life.
Step 2: Write your case study
Write your case study here. (Links to an external site.) It would be helpful to go back and review previous case studies we have read and responded to throughout the course. The case study you create must be at least 150 words, relate to your wonder statement and integrate relevant information and show cultural literacy.
Step 3: Case Study questions
Create at least three critical thinking and/or application questions related to your case study. What is it that you want the reader to understand about the case study and apply their knowledge of the subject, research, any supporting evidence from prior knowledge or learning of new knowledge?
Along with your questions, provide a detailed response to the questions citing evidence from your research and appropriate developmental theory, where applicable. Responses must include at least three in-text citations using at least 4 references. Reference page required in APA format
WONDER STATEMENT: I wonder why as people progressively get older their emotions turn negative.