This asignment consist of responding to 3 parts that consists of discussion questions each section
requires 1 full page The responses should be a decent length,ensure that your response adds substance to the
topic at hand. Please do not provide simple or obvious responses. Do some external research in
order to add substance and intellectual to the discussion question at hand. The primary sources for each part will be listed as well.
Thank you. Please ensure you use the rubric as a guideline. The highest score is the standard.
Be mindful that content and grammar matter. Points will be subtracted from
your assignments for occurrences of the following:
• single sentence paragraph
• verb-subject disagreement
• sentence fragment (incomplete sentence)
• run-on sentence
• contractions
These assignments measure your understanding of the course content and require
meaningful critical thinking and problem solving
Carefully read Ch. 9, focusing added attention on the need for and challenges of measurement within the implementation process.
Additionally use as a reference Chapter 9 in the Bryson text carefully. As you read, be mindful to give added attention to the approach that is discussed. These early readings will help us place our work this term in context so that we better understand why strategic planning takes place and how it generally occurs.
(Access information to the etext is below)
1. Copy and Paste this link
2. Insert login credentials User: PW: NewDream88!
3. Click Contine Reading
4. Proceed to Chapter 9 or assigned reading
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Part 1: Type 1 full page answeing the discussion topic
Part 2: Type 1 full page answeing the discussion question topic
Part 3: Type 1 full page answeing the discussion question topic
The guiding discussion topics are located in the file labeled
” Strategic Planning Module 9 Discussion Topics and Instructions”