This is for an Informative Speech about “How to improve your conversation skills”, it needs to be 5-7 minutes long so over 2 pages. It needs 3 citations from at least 2 different sources, which needs to be added to the end of the outline which i will attach.
The main point of this paper isn’t to write a well developed paper, I mainly just need an outline done and a paper with enough information to make a 5-7 minute speech about the ways to improve your
conversation skills, like informing the audience about ways to achieve
this, giving tips and strategies etc, so grammer for this paper does not matter so much as having enough information.
These are the assignement instructions given- The primary objective of this informative speech assignment is to inform or teach your audience about a topic of interest. Your objective is NOT TO PERSUADE. You are to clearly share information with your audience so that they receive the information, understand it, and retain it. Structure your ideas and draft an outline, using
supporting material as substance. The speech should have only one central idea
with 3-5 main points.
Also I have the deadline for this Saturday, June 23 but that is the deadline just for the outline, the speech is not untill next week so if you want I can extend the time untill next Wednesday, but would just need the outline by tomorrow or saturday.