Today’s discussion requires reading two articles which present two very different views of America. They outline specifically the values of its past and what role they should play in the present day. Are those values of the past worth preserving? Have we forgotten them to our detriment? Or are they outdated?
The two articles are:
1. “The Not-So-Good-Days”, written by Professor Stephanie Coontz in 2013 for The New York Times.
Opinion The Not-So-Good Old Days – The New York Times.pdf
2. “Paying the Price for Breakdown of the Country’s Bourgeois Culture”, written in 2017 by University of Pennsylvania Law School Professor Amy Wax and University of San Diego School of Law Professor Larry Alexander in 2017 for The Philadelphia Inquirer.
Paying the price for breakdown of the country’s bourgeois culture.pdf
The more recent article by Professors Amy Wax and Larry Alexander caused quite a stir in academic circles. Professor Wax was forced to take a year-long sabbatical in the summer of 2019. The administration at the University of Pennsylvania Law School condemned the article and some students on campus called for Professor Wax’s dismissal. To date, she is still a member of Penn Law’s faculty.
First, please read both articles and present in your discussion what are the positions of each author.
Second, what are the pros and cons of each author’s argument and what are your thoughts on the debate.
Finally, do you think the Philadelphia Inquirer article warrants the dismissal of Professor Amy Wax, as many students demand?
Please review my syllabus regarding what I require for these discussions. Thanks!