Use references , & All resources are welcome
Please Use Pages/Word Docx
Part 1: Case Study – Article (on 50pts)
Read the article provided “ Kenzo to promote new collection through story telling” & answer to the following questions,
– Question 1: Explain the rich history of the brand mentioned in the article & its present situation (on 10pts)
– Question 2: Write a professional Summary of the article in 80 words (+ or – 10%) (on 10pts)
– Question 3: With your own words & using the concepts studied in class, describe & explain all the communication strategies used by the brand as per the article, (on 15pts)
– Question 4 Question 3: Give an in-depth explanation of the different goals of the brand using that strategy (on 15pts)
Part 2: Case Study – Questions (on 50pts)
– Question 5: Explain Balenciaga Push strategy (on 15pts)
– Question 6: Explain Bottega Venetta Instagram strategy (on 15pts)
– Question 7: Explain Tiffany & Co Pull strategy (on 20pts)