Weight of the Nation Part 4: CHALLENGES
Watch the following documentary, Weight of the Nation Part 4: Challenges.
After viewing the documentary, write 1 full-page summary essay and answer all the questions below on a second page. To get full credit, you must answer all questions in at least 2 total pages that give evidence of watching the entire video. Failure to follow instructions or not to answer ALL questions will be penalized.
1. What was your response to learning that obesity is linked to many causes of death and disability?
2. How are today’s lifestyles and eating habits different from those of your parents’ and grandparents’ era? How do you think these differences contribute to people being overweight/obese?
3. What kinds of food options are available in your neighborhood? If you have to eat convenience foods or fast foods, what strategies limit your caloric intake?
You can answer the questions in one clear paragraph or answer each question with short and clear sentences. Ensure you address ALL the points mentioned in each question to get a total score/grade.