You can do either option 2 or option 3 to do it :
Option 2. Gratitude Letter 1. Pick someone in your life that you are grateful for, who has made a positive and significant difference in your life. 2. Don’t confuse this gratitude with a new romantic interest or with someone who can help you gain something in the future. This must be purely someone you are grateful for in your past and you want to thank them. Keep it focused on what they’ve done and how you feel about what they’ve done for you . 3. Type a one page letter to that person . In your letter you should tell the person , specifically, why you are grateful for what they have done for you . It is important to be specific ! Put your letter up as your original post in letter format to the person you are grateful for.
Option 3. Signature Strengths Assignment Let’s discuss and share your signature strengths ! Use the Authentic Happiness book and online assessment to analyze your signature strengths Answer the questions and rate each strength . Pick the top 5 strengths . Do you agree with what the book and the online assessment identified? Include – List what you believe to be (based on the book , online assessment and your own experiences ) your top 5 signature strengths . In one page , briefly describe an example of how you have used one or two of your top 5 signature strengths in the past .