Your report should include the following sections:
(Front Matter)
 Title Page – giving unique title of report and listing the author and the date of submission.
 Abstract – providing capsulized information about the observations/recommendations of the
 Table of Contents – listing subsections with accompanying page numbers.
 Executive Summary – providing a synopsis of your full report, with a focus on managerial
(implementation) aspects of your recommendations.
 Introduction – leading your reader into the topic by explaining the basis or background of your
 Research Methods – explaining the separate tasks you undertook to conduct your study.
 Results – presenting the results obtained in each of the tasks listed in the preceding section.
Include images of ANALYZED PORTIONs of the documents. You do not need to include the full
documents here. You must, however, include callouts and discussion of your analysis.
 Conclusions – discussing your conclusions and the significance of your topic/research.
 Recommendations – providing your (preferably listed), specific suggestions for ways the company
can improve its communications. IMPORTANT NOTE: In this report, your recommendations
function as the CTA, so don’t omit this crucial element.
(Back Matter)
 Glossary (Optional) –defining terms.
 References – listing full citation information for sources.
 Appendix – providing full copies of each of the documents you reference in your report.