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I’ve attached rubric for your reference. Please give me a detailed analysis of

I’ve attached rubric for your reference.
Please give me a detailed analysis of Walt Whitman’s poem “Song of Myself.” In your paper your paper, you should analyze the author’s use of literary elements realted to the them and its connection to nature. In addition, the paper needs a THESIS STATEMENT. The paper must address the following:
1. Literary elements accurately depicting aspects of nature of the author’s specific text with a specific focus on the representation of the author’s style, theme, and/or content.
2. An analysis of the work and the themes explored in the course with insight to the meaning/significance of the overall work.
3. Research that incorporates at least three scholarly resources that reflect depth and breadth of research.
4. Ideas that are organized clearly.
5. Proper writing mechanics.

Develop and Write a comprehensive comparison/contrast essay using the Early Amer

Develop and Write a comprehensive comparison/contrast essay using the Early American/Colonial Era and the Age of Enlightenment Eras. Choose from the prompts below:
à Choose two authors to compare/contrast
à Choose two philosophies to compare/ contrast—Religion, Politics
à Explore the differences/similarities for writing styles or communication
à Explore the view of a specific population such as Women, Native Americans, Slaves/African Americans
Purpose: This essay will allow you to showcase your knowledge and analysis of the two eras that have been studied thus far. You will be showing your understanding of the two eras and the changes that occurred from Early America to the Enlightenment Period.
Criteria/Requirements: (You have all taken ENG 111/112, so I need to see polished college level work)
Use MLA formatting in the entire essay and include in-text citations, and a Works Cited page
Page Requirement: 3-4 pages (does not include the Works Cited page)
Use third person pronouns only (no first person or second person pronouns -use of 2nd person will result in a 10-point penalty from your overall grade for the essay)
Present and ESSAY with a properly written introduction, properly developed body paragraphs, and a properly written conclusion
Include quotes from the works that you use for your comparison/contrast
Tips for Success:
Use materials from all folders presented so far in the class.
Use material provided for writing this style of essay
Use MLA formatting in all areas of the essay
Use the I.C.E. method for each point – Introduce the point, Cite the source used to prove the point (quotes/information), and Explain the point fully in relation to your thesis statement
Use topic sentences with main ideas for all body paragraphs
Begin the conclusion with a restated thesis statement and show a fully developed conclusion
Use academic rigor with phrasing
Use traditional organization for the essay – include a thesis, topic sentences with the body paragraphs, and a restated thesis in the conclusion
DO NOT drop in quotes without introductory phrasing!!
Do not ask the reader questions! This includes beginning the essay with a question.
Do not announce why you are writing or what you are writing – this is not a speech, so do not casually speak directly to the reader
Do not use words of speech for written text (i.e. He said – rather than He wrote —- unless the person spoke the words like “Red Jacket”

Topic: You are required to use five to seven sources , no more and no fewer. Ans

Topic: You are required to use five to seven sources , no more and no fewer. Answering the following question:
Why are these five sources the very best ones to use for your research
Introduction: Your essay should begin with an introduction
that introduces your topic and describes the
range of sources available for that topic. Is this, for
example, a topic that requires study of newspaper
articles as well as scholarly articles? Does it require
finding statistics or research studies? Is it a recent
issue for which there aren’t many sources of information or
are there many books and articles to choose
from? The introduction should end with a thesis that tells
your main criteria for choosing your sources.
What was most important to you as you chose these sources?
Body of Essay
Dedicate one paragraph to each of your five sources. Each
paragraph should provide a
brief summary of the source and should tell why you chose
that particular source for your paper. Did
you choose it because it was important for you to have a
range of different types of sources, for
example? Did you choose it because you wanted the most
up-to-date information? Did you determine
that it is credible and in-depth? Is it particularly
relevant for your topic? Did you want to choose
scholarly sources that would add more detail and depth to
your paper? Did you choose sources that
represent various sides of an issue? All of these are
possibilities, but you can discuss any reason that
you think is important for choosing that particular source.
In your conclusion, you can discuss any barriers you see to
completing your research, what
you hope to accomplish or understand through your sources,
or any additional sources you hope to find.

Choose one of the questions below to answer for this assignment. Please remember

Choose one of the questions below to answer for this assignment. Please remember to copy/paste the question with your response and analysis. You should choose a question that you find interesting and believe you can answer in an engaging manner. You will want to support your response not only with good logic and explanations on your part but also with pertinent passages (short quotations are best) from the texts that pertain to the question you have chosen. Keep your response focused on answering the question; avoid plot summary.
• Your response should be in the form of a typical essay (probably four to six paragraphs), with a short introduction, thesis statement, and supporting paragraphs with a conclusion.
• Your essay should total at least 500 words. Use current MLA format guidelines.
Explain some of the crucial differences in the experience of slavery that Harriet Jacobs and Frederick Douglass have. In particular, how does gender play a role in defining their respective hardships?

Consider the Arch of Titus. What is it? Who commissioned its erection? Why was

Consider the Arch of Titus. What is it? Who commissioned its erection? Why was it built? What does it symbolize? This arch was incredibly controversial at the time. Why might the citizens of Jerusalem view it differently than the citizens of Rome? In an essay, describe the arch, its architectural features, its symbolism, and the controversy that surrounds it. You may include a picture or depiction of it in your submission. You should include a bibliography page to indicate your sources.

100 points): Poems for Comparison This paper should be an interpretive paper whi

100 points): Poems for Comparison
This paper should be an interpretive paper which compares the use of symbol, imagery or theme in two poems of your choice, by two different poets. “Comparison” does not necessarily mean the poems are different. They may be the same. Make sure you understand how to cite poetry in an academic paper.
Technical Requirements:
minimum 750 words
MLA formatting throughout, including in-text citations and a Works Cited page
Adequately compares the interpretation of specific qualities in set of poems. Simply comparing elements is not enough; you MUST compare possible interpretations as well.
Just like essay one, be sure you have an appropriate title and that you’re avoiding first person unless it adds something significant to your paper. Feel free to revisit the essay one guidelines in lesson four if you need refreshers on what either of those mean.
Uses at least one critical, academic source as support for your interpretation (see the Essay One guidelines for choosing critical academic sources). If you can’t find quality academic writing about your chosen poem or poet, consider citing writing about other similar poets or other types of literature from the same period or on the same topic. Everything which appears on your Works Cited page needs to be cited in the body of your essay.
As with #1, please upload a .doc or .docx file. When I have thirty of these to do, it adds a lot of needless time when I have to go into Google Docs or take the extra steps to open a .pages document. PDFs aren’t as annoying to work with but they limit my ability to give detailed feedback.
In general, remember to refer back to the “questions to ask yourself” in Lesson 4.
Try to avoid doing the obvious here! If you can find sample essays online talking about how two specific poems relate to each other, then don’t write about those two poems. Take the time to come up with your own two-poem pairing rather than grabbing an example from Sparknotes.
Your paper is worth 100 points. If you receive an unsatisfactory grade on this paper, you have a chance to revise the paper next week. Most students will have much room for improvement. I will be grading your paper on the merits of a “finished” product, so the bar is very high for the first draft. I will offer suggestions for revision for all students and the choice to revise will be up to you.
Proper MLA formatting in both the paper and the Works Cited page.
750 word minimum (12 point Times New Roman)
One academic, critical source to support your interpretation.
An obvious thesis statement, organized paragraphs, clean grammar and punctuation, and no plot summary.

Essay should be a research critical analysis of a short story, poem, or unit re

Essay should be a research critical analysis of a short story, poem, or unit
reading from the required reading for American Literature 1. If you
choose a shorter piece, like a poem, essay, or speech, you should choose
two and compare and contrast the pieces. Essay must successfully address
each of the Student Learning Outcomes (See #16) and include the CORE
questions (See#17). For explanation of what is involved in a Critical
Analysis, see the Rules for Literary Analysis, 10 Steps to a Research Essay,
and the example essay links in Research Unit.
Literary Research Essay Grading Rubric with CORE
25 points- Essay Structure and MLA Style:
o Essay must include effective title, lead-in, thesis, body and conclusion.
o Essay must be typed in MLA style with 1 inch margins, indented paragraphs and MLA header.
Essay must be double spaced with proper essay spacing.
o Essay must include the assigned number of sources, documented properly with plenty of MLA
style end-of-line documentations and include a MLA style works cited page.
o Essay must not go over or under the word limit.
25 points- Content/ SLO’s:
o Essay must follow assigned mode and topic, must tackle the subject matter in a mature
depth,and must display critical thinking and reasoning.
o Essay must include critical analysis, interpretation, and evaluation of a variety of sources. Essay
must include ethical (always give credit) and logical uses of evidence.
o Essay must follow the writing prompt and be written in a style appropriate to audience and
purpose. (College level analysis)
o Essay must not contain false information or logical fallacies.
o Essay must display effective development, interpretation, and expression of ideas. Ideas must
be developed with appropriate support and attribution. (in-text citations and works cited page)
o Essay must successfully address the Student Learning Outcomes as listed in the course syllabus.
25 points- Punctuation and Usage/ College level Style and Word Choice:
o Essay must be written in Edited American English, including, but not limited to, proper use of
commas, semi-colons, colons, apostrophes, and periods.
o Essay must not contain spelling errors, capitalization, or texting style mistakes.
o Essay must not contain any fused run-ons, comma splice run-ons, or sentence fragments.
o Essay must display proper use of pronouns and verbs.
o Essays must exhibit a mature style in word choice and sentence structure/sentence variety.
o Essays must not contain contractions or second person point of view (you).
o Essay must contain strong effective word choice, avoiding vague word choice such as “thing” or
“stuff” and colloquial words like “kid” and “guy”.
o Essay must not contain slang or non-standard word choices.
o Essay must maintain proper use of literary present tense.

Write a Literary Analysis essay (1000-1250 words) The essay will be written in M

Write a Literary Analysis essay (1000-1250 words) The essay will be written in MLA format.
You will choose a minimum of 3 poems that have a similar theme. The theme should be connected to a current social issue. You must include at least one written poem and one spoken word poem. (i have provided the poems)
Include a minimum of TWO scholarly articles- cited in text and on Works Cited page.
You will be required to cite each poem used in the paper! (cited for you in the attached file)
Im also required to have a strong thesis
MUST stay in word count
In text citations for each poem and quote
These are each of the requirements of my professor, attached ive provided each of the poems that will be needed to use plus citaions of each poem and video.

Compare / contrast “The Declaration of Independence” with “The Declaration of th

Compare / contrast “The Declaration of Independence” with “The Declaration of the Rights
of Man and of the Citizen.”1 Start with the titles. What does the French document have in the
title that the American one doesn’t – is there any significance to that? Do they have similar
themes / messages for the reader? What was each document hoping to do? What world events
were happening when the documents were written? There are several ways to approach this
prompt, but some of the questions above could help you to get started.
Your essay must be strongly reasoned. You must provide evidence from the work that you are
writing about in the form of at least five direct quotations. Remember, whenever you
make a claim, you should support it.
Your introductory paragraph should make explicit to your reader the reading(s) and author(s)
that you’ll be exploring with your essay, and it should finish with a strong thesis statement that
outlines what the rest of your essay will be about.
Essay length should be between 1000-1500 words2
(equal to about 3-5 pages,). Papers should
be typed in 12-point Times New Roman (or some other legible typeface) and double-spaced.
Essays must include a Works Cited page. Each work that you cite should be on the Works
Cited page.

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