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IMPORTANT: ASSIGNMENT: Write a 3-4 page (approximately 800-1000 words) reflecti

IMPORTANT: ASSIGNMENT: Write a 3-4 page (approximately 800-1000 words) reflection essay about the impact of the philosophical mindset and ancient Greek philosophy, as presented in this course, on your own views.
IMPORTANT: In order to foster learning and growth, all essays you submit must be newly written specifically for this course. Any recycled work will be sent back with a 0, and you will be given one attempt to redo the Touchstone. (this is a sofia learning course; Ancient Greek Philosophers )
DIRECTIONS: As reported in Plato’s account The Apology, Socrates famously claimed at his trial that “The unexamined life is not worth living.” In this course, you have had the opportunity to examine your own life and reality through the thoughts of the ancient Greek philosophers. The purpose of this Touchstone assignment is for you (1) to engage with the philosophical ideas presented in this course and (2) to reflect on how these philosophical ideas have impacted your own life.
Part I: Philosophical Thinking
In the first part of the Touchstone, you will be distinguishing between the three primary branches of philosophy.
Consider the three following questions:
What is knowledge?
What is reality made of?
What is the good life and how ought I to live it?
These are the basic questions that were considered in different forms by the major figures in ancient Greek philosophy. But they are also critical questions for our own lives today, whether we are philosophers or not.
Part I of this assignment should be approximately 1-2 pages (300-600 words) and cover each of the following steps:
First, you should define philosophy and then distinguish and define each of the three main branches of philosophy covered in this class.
Then, identify which of the above questions is associated with each branch of philosophy.
You should illustrate the differences between the three branches of philosophy using examples from the course. For example, explain how Socrates would answer the question “What is knowledge?” or how Epictetus would answer the question “What is the good life?”
You will use information and examples from the Sophia tutorials to support your response. When citing material from a tutorial, please include the name of the lesson and use the following format:
In-text citation: (Aristotle’s Highest Good, n.d.) or (The Footnotes to Plato, n.d.).
Part II: Reflection
For the second part of the Touchstone, now that you’ve distinguished between the three main branches of philosophy, you will focus on one of those three questions from Part I and use that as a starting point and guide for your personal philosophical reflection.
The purpose of Part II is for you to reflect on the philosophical mindset and some of the ideas presented in this course and apply them to your own life. This reflection is more open-ended than Part I, but should include reflections on the following questions:
What does it mean to think philosophically? How can thinking philosophically help me in my own life?
What impact do the ideas of the ancient Greek philosophers have on my own views and opinions?
Then, based on these reflections, you should give your own answer to whichever of the three questions from Part I you chose to focus on, using cited examples from the course to support your answer. (“What is knowledge?”; “What is reality?”; “What is the good life?”)
Part II of this assignment should be approximately 1-2 pages (300-600 words). You should write at least one paragraph for each of the three prompts listed above.
In answering these reflection questions, you are free to draw from your own experiences as well as bringing in the ideas of different ancient Greek philosophers. Please note: Some philosophers will be more suited for particular questions than others. For example, Epictetus has a lot to say about “What is the good life and how ought I to live it?” while not saying much about knowledge or reality. Plato and Aristotle wrote a great deal about all three questions.

This essay will be a compare and contrast of the character “Pan” in the modern a

This essay will be a compare and contrast of the character “Pan” in the modern and greek mythic poem of “A Musical Instrument”. Both stories are attached.
Essay must:
Compare and contrast the character of Pan in
Browning’s “A Musical Instrument” with Pan in the Greek myth.
Contain four to five paragraphs that include
An introduction with a clear and effective
Two to three body paragraphs with claims,
supporting examples and evidence, and analysis.
A conclusion that restates the thesis and
summarizes the essay’s main points.
https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poems/43729/a-musical-instrument – Mythic Poem
https://controlc.com/26250ab2 – Greek Myth

Prompt: Write a 3-5 page report on Eudoxus of Cnidus’s life and work. A paper of

Write a 3-5 page report on Eudoxus of Cnidus’s life and work. A paper of at least 3 pages, turned in on time, will receive a minimum grade of 65%. The other factors considered are as follows:
The report should summarize the biography of the author (where and when they lived, what they studied, any significant events or achievements) or the history of the text (when it was written, in what language, and for what purpose). If any of this information is unknown, you should give the “state of the question” (i.e. the main guesses or theories of scholars, or an explanation of why the information is unknown).
The report should explain the significance of the author or text to the history of astronomy. Did the author make a new discovery? Did they write a textbook or student manual? What can we learn about ancient astronomy from studying their text(s)?
The bibliography should consist of scholarly or academic sources—blogs, crowd-sourced information (e.g. Wikipedia), and corporate or non-academic websites are not acceptable sources. Textbooks, journal articles, scholarly books, and online resources created by credentialed professors in the field are acceptable. Meet with me or a research librarian if you need help finding sources.
Your information should be responsibly cited with footnotes or in-text citations, using Chicago (preferred but not required), MLA, APA, or another recognized academic format. Responsible use of sources means that you must cite all quotations, paraphrases, and ideas that you did not come up with yourself, as well as all information that is not common knowledge such as could be found in any general encyclopedia.
Your writing should be clear and free from major grammatical and spelling errors (I will not grade for grammar and spelling unless the writing contains mistakes that make it difficult to understand).
Plagiarism of any kind will result in an automatic failing grade.
To cite an ancient author who appears in the FILE ATTACHED:
Ancient Author, Title of Ancient Author’s Book, translated by Thomas Heath in Greek Astronomy (London: Dent & Sons Ltd, 1932). [Give the section/line number of the ancient book or the page number in Heath here if applicable]

This is a rewritting assignment. I’m attaching the instruction sheet given by th

This is a rewritting assignment. I’m attaching the instruction sheet given by the professor, as well as my answers to the question. My answer sheet contains corrections and suggestions made by the professor, marked in the blue ink. please use those suggestions to correct the essay. NO OUTSIDE SOURCES AT ALL PLEASE. I’m also attaching the luthers 95 thesis pdf, you can use that to edit and rewrite the essay.
I have chosen to answer the 2nd question, based of Martin Luthers thesis.

Characters and their interactions give us glimpses of life that existed thousand

and their interactions give us glimpses of life that existed thousands of years
ago and many cultures away. The Epic of Gilgamesh provides us with
representatives from all levels of Sumerian life and afterlife: heroes, gods,
goddesses, mortals, immortals, underdogs, city council members, shepherds,
barmaids, and numerous creatures. Discuss Sumerian life and how it is depicted
in The Epic of Gilgamesh.

I’m attaching an essay answer already. there are 8 images, for the 8 page essay.

I’m attaching an essay answer already. there are 8 images, for the 8 page essay. please use that as a reference to write the new essay. I am also attaching the main instruction page. please answer the topic 1 from the options (explain
how the term and/or designation “Science” or “Progress” or
“Modern” is incorrect or, at the very least, insufficient when we are
considering the defining characteristics of modernity and the
historical Modern Age.)
will be attaching a few course readings you could refer to. please use them as well. ONLY PEER REVIEWED ARTICLES PLEASE! Do not copy any material from websites such as coursehero.

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