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What would you say is your greatest talent or skill? How have you developed and

What would you say is your greatest talent or skill? How have you developed and demonstrated that talent over time? (Max: 350)
Things to consider: If there’s a talent or skill that you’re proud of, this is the time to share it. You don’t necessarily have to be recognized or have received awards for your talent (although if you did and you want to talk about it, feel free to do so). Why is this talent or skill meaningful to you?
Does the talent come naturally or have you worked hard to develop this skill or talent? Does your talent or skill allow you opportunities in or outside the classroom? If so, what are they and how do they fit into your schedule?

Create a 15-25 slide PowerPoint presentation on APA Style. You will be able to u

Create a 15-25 slide PowerPoint presentation on APA Style. You will be able to use this as a job aid for future classes that require APA.
Use the online APA Style Manual (Links to an external site.)as your source for information. Everything you need to know to complete is assignment is on this website. Do not use any other resources! Using only this source will help you learn how to navigate the site.
Create at least one slide for each item listed below; if examples are required, be sure to include them.
Be sure to cite your source and include a reference slide with the correct citation of the source (the only source you should have on this slide is the one linked above).
Include a title slide following APA guidelines for a student paper.
Slide items:
What is APA?
Where did APA come from?
Why is APA Important? How does it prevent plagiarism?
Create a title page with the appropriate header for a student paper. Be sure line spacing is correct. (You can create it in Word and insert it as a picture on the slide)
Explain what size margins you should use.
Explain and describe paragraph alignment and indentation.
Explain level 1 headings and provide an original example
Explain how to create a hanging indent on either a MAC or PC.
Define a block quotation and explain how to format it in a paper. Provide an original example.
List guidelines for in-text citations and explain the difference between parenthetical and narrative in-text citations. Provide original examples.
Explain what paraphrasing is and how to cite a paraphrase.
Discuss how to cite short quotes (under 40 words) and long quotes (over 40 words)
Explain what a URL is and what a DOI is? Discuss when to use each.
Describe a reference list versus an annotated bibliography.
Explain what a references list is and describe what is included in a reference list
Provide an example of each of the following that you have created:
a book reference citation with corresponding in-text citation
a website reference citation with corresponding in-text citation
a peer-reviewed article reference citation with corresponding in-text citation
a blog reference citation with corresponding in-text citation
a YouTube video reference citation with a corresponding in-text citation
Reflection: What do you most appreciate about APA? What do you dislike most about APA? How do you plan to use this PowerPoint in the future?

ENGL 009 Infographic Case Study The Infographic case study is intended to help y

ENGL 009 Infographic Case Study
The Infographic case study is intended to help you create a technical document aimed at a particular audience group. As you work through your assignment, please read through the Background and Document 11.1. To complete your assignment, you should follow the directions on page two (2) of the case study.
Once you start designing the document, use a US Dept. of Education logo since USNEI falls under their jurisdiction. Use your best judgment on how to align it to the document. You also have creative control of images you decide to employ. Think of it as a flyer you’d like to interact with. As a technical writer, you have to make executive decisions about the language, the content, and how you place it on the page. Given what you will read in chapter 11, you will need to take special care in understanding alignment, contrast, and background screens to help emphasize important information.
Instead of “writing a memo to Sonia Reynard,” you will write a one-to-one-1⁄2 page MLA formatted response. You will describe the design you used and explain why you think the design works well for this audience and purpose. You should also discuss what changes in language you made to the document. You can use the discussion prompts at the end of the case study to help frame your response. It should be well crafted and error free, and it should reflect what you’ve read and learned throughout the semester.
While Microsoft Office and Google Docs are useful for technical document design, I would suggest you use Canva to design your flyers. I find their interface user-friendly and intuitive. Plus, its online, free, and much more robust. You are free to use a color palette that you deem fit for audiences, but please use your what you learned from your reading of Chapter 11.
The Infographic Case Study Final Draft is due Friday, June 24 by 11:59pm EST

This is a Statement of Intent – Details for pursuing a PhD in Global Leadership

This is a Statement of Intent – Details for pursuing a PhD in Global Leadership with a focus on Organizational Leadership.
Needs details on
Past career and research interests
Projected dissertation focus area (Organizational Leadership)
How participation in the Global Leadership program will align with my organizational leadership focus area and future interests.
Include details about an area of interest for the International Internship (Include an area of the world that I would like to conduct my international internship that can be in conjuction with projected area of reserach interest (specify the county)
Information needed: I would love to intern with the IJM (International Justice Mission) My goal is to work with an
organization that focuses on stopping violence against women and children and Human Trafficking. The dream global internship would be with the organization’s casework office in Kenya, Africa where they work specifically on Sex Trafficking, Violence Against Women and Children and Police Abuse of Power.

Assignment Instructions In our discussion post, we talked a bit about cover lett

Assignment Instructions
In our discussion post, we talked a bit about cover letters:
Your Contact Information
City, State, Zip Code
Phone Number
Email Address
Employer Contact Information (if you have it)
City, State, Zip Code
Dear Mr. Smith:
I am submitting my resume in response to your ad for an OB/GYN charge nurse, listed on Indeed.com.
I have 7 years experience as a Registered Nurse, and recently graduated from Nightingale College with a BSN in Nursing. As part of my education, I studied community nursing, leadership, policy, ethics, critical care, gerontology, health promotion, disease prevention, informatics, and other key nursing concepts. I also had the privilege of managing several projects and team experiences.
Thank you for taking the time to review my qualifications. Please feel free to contact me by phone or e-mail for any additional questions you may have. I look forward to hearing from you!
Regards/Best Regards,
Your Name
Your LinkedIn Profile URL
Your Email Address
Your Phone Number
For your assignment this week, YOU are writing a cover letter.
The job announcement below was pulled from a nursing website, advertising jobs for nurses. You will write a cover letter, using the templates we’ve discussed, and customize it to the job announcement.
Make sure you see what the job is asking for, and include key words in your cover letter.
Burbank Hospice is presently seeking a Director of Patient Care Services to join our team.
The DPCS is responsible for the overall direction of hospice clinical services. The DPCS establishes implements and evaluates goals and objectives for hospice services that meet and promote the standards of quality and contribute to the total organization and philosophy.
Must have the following qualifications:
RN with a California license, Bachelor’s degree in nursing (master’s degree preferred), three years of healthcare management experience within the last 5 years, RN with experience within the last 5 years (at least 1 year of which was in a supervisory or administrative capacity), demonstrate the ability to supervise and direct personnel, ability to market and deal tactfully with customers and the community, be a licensed driver with an automobile that is insured and is in good working order, have excellent observation, verbal, and written communication skills, and have knowledge of business management, governmental regulations, and the Joint Commission standards.
Your team’s expectations will be that you lead and guide them with positive feedback and constructive criticism. The clinical providers are looking for someone to learn from and grow with. You must have strong teaching skills and possess a passion to help nurses improve.
Please send your current resume with contact information. Please only apply if you meet the minimum qualifications.

For this assignment, you should search the Internet or print media (newspapers a

For this assignment, you should search the Internet or print media (newspapers and
magazines)to look for advertisements on job vacancies. It is appropriate for you to choose
advertisements that relate to your career interests. When you find one in which you are
interested, save it because you will be using that for your assignment. You will brainstorm
over that advertisement and find possible means to use it to do the assignment, and you
will write a resume and application letter, in response to the advert you choose. In this
sense, the assignment will be related to something concrete, which will challenge you to
pay attention to the rhetoricalfactors that are likely to influence your writing style. See this
assignment as a conduit pipe to getting a job during or after school. This assignment will
be done based on the discussions in the job application materials section of the course
textbook. I have posted a PowerPoint presentation on how to write a good resume and
cover letter. Aside the course textbook and the practice exercises we will have, consult the
PowerPoint presentation frequently.
This resume will be about me. So i will give my information once i get a write.
I have included samples that should match the style of the paper.
Also please dont let the heading, name, address and etc be included in the page count. I will complete that part. Start at the dear professor part.
-Please make it a great resume. My professor is a very tough grader.

The directions are attached. Please follow the directions percisely. Attached ar

The directions are attached. Please follow the directions percisely. Attached are also 5 soures that I have already found on my topic which is “Impact of Social Media on Mental Health”. Also my school login to access the sources I already have is listed below, and you can find other sources there as well or online. Please reach out if you need clarity
https://libguides.umgc.edu/home (Library link)
login info: Mlewis131@student.umgc.edu

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