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2021 Flooding along Mid-North Coast, NSW BACKGROUND: The Federal Minister for Dr

2021 Flooding along Mid-North Coast, NSW BACKGROUND: The Federal Minister for Drought and Emergency Management has called for a sophisticated set of briefing papers to inform the newly established National Recovery and Resilience Agency. The briefing papers will be used to support the National and State Governments in becoming better prepared for future disasters and will signal how Australia might improve its climate adaptation policies. The Minister for Drought and Emergency Management accepts that as a signatory to the Sendai Disaster Risk Reduction Framework, that $1 of investment in prevention and preparation to mitigate disasters, can significantly reduce disaster response and recovery costs by up to $7. Given the recent disasters that have occurred across Australia, the Minister is requesting (i) detailed insights regarding the science and social science INTERPLAY that led to these disasters and (ii) seeks recommendations regarding strategies that would have reduced the scale of the disaster and that align with the Sendai Disaster Risk Reduction Framework. The Minister would like to see a risk analysis that leads to clear recommendations about how Australia might invest in being better prepared for future events. The Minister has identified three recent disasters for which further critical information is needed. You are the successful tender (consultant) who has been engaged by the Australian Government to deliver the following: – 1 x 1500 word analytical policy briefing (report) outlining the science and social science insights regarding one of the three listed recent disasters (see below). – The briefing paper should be structured to incorporate the following information: o an executive summary: this is a short synopsis of the whole report. o a clear scientific description of the hazard (why it occurred), its relationship to climate change (if any) and the impact(s) this disaster had. o an assessment of elements at risk (exposure) and the vulnerabilities present prior to the hazard (this should include a Table you generate outlining the variety of exposures and vulnerabilities you identify). o examples of successful adaptation efforts (this may include examples from other related disasters), and o recommendations for preparing for future events in alignment with the Sendai Disaster Risk Reduction Framework. The Minister insists your report is succinct, clearly written, contains suitable location maps and clear diagrams/figures, and relevant data/information tables all of which draw from peer-reviewed science and social science research.

Write up a formal treatment of 1500-2000 words, double-spaced, excluding title page

ASSIGNMENT 2 – The Pitch Students are asked to produce a thoughtful and credible proposal for their own documentary science film on a subject of their choosing. Write up a formal treatment of 1500-2000 words, double-spaced, excluding title page, reference list, etc., for a film that you might propose to a broadcaster. The proposal should include clear explanations of subject matter, point of view, explication of how the story will unfold (i.e. key sequences and how they interconnect), scientific basis of the story, methods of illustrating the story, elements of filmmaking employed, scientific experts, scenes, characters, locations, graphics, and other didactic elements, with an eye to addressing the demand for both entertainment/engagement value, and scientific integrity. Think hard about how the scientific ideas will be translated visually. What work or activity are the scientists/characters in your film doing that you will illustrate the science being explained? In other words, remember that this is a film, not a research paper, so… what are we seeing? The purpose of the “pitch” is to sell a project. That takes a good telling of a good story, it takes creativity and an eye for what the broadcaster needs for a compelling, entertaining and understandable presentation of the science, in a form suitable for their audience. Evaluation of Assignment Two takes into account the quality of the writing, organization and structure, as well as research and content. You will be graded on the quality of your work and your ability to meet the desired learning targets. Among other things, the marking scheme evaluates whether you: – Clearly explain the topic, and the reason it will be of interest to its audience. Does your introduction grab the reader’s attention? Does the story in your film unfold in a clear and organized way? – Explain the science/scientific subject matter at a level that is suitable for the reader of your pitch (i.e. the broadcaster), while still managing to present it with integrity and accuracy – Explain, in a clear and concise fashion, how the science will be visualized. In what locations will you be filming? Who are your experts or characters and what will they be doing? Will you use any special photography or equipment (e.g. for underwater scenes, microphotography, super-high speed, etc.)? There is no need to consider costs and budgeting – just pitch us a great film!

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