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OPICThis assignment requires scholarly journal sources (none prior to year 2000

OPICThis assignment requires scholarly journal sources (none prior to year 2000) from your own research in the finished product.
To understand the process for approaching this assignment, view this resource:
Taylor, D. (2017, March 27). How to Write a Literature Review in 30 Minutes or Less [Video]. YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TdJxY4w9XKY&feature=youtu.be
In this video Professor Taylor will explain what is meant by the literature, what is required in a lit review, and how a lit review is relevant in a professional setting. You may skip ahead to 4:30 where Professor Taylor illustrates the process of creating an annotated bibliography and writing a rough draft of the literature review. Note that the video will not cover every step for this assignment. Your literature review will require a conclusion with unique and original insights.
Follow this format. Do not number the sections.
Title page – include the title of your paper (your research question).
Introduction – a statement of your topic and the context for why you’re interested in reviewing the topic. Consider why a literature review on your topic would be of interest to marketers or other practitioners in the marketing community. What makes this topic relevant and compelling?
Body – this section contains your analysis and synthesis of the scholarly works. The body is not simply an annotated bibliography, but rather focuses on the connections between the scholarly works. Each paragraph or subsection should focus on a concept or theme that runs through the literature, not just the contribution(s) of one author or author group. Use appropriate title and subtitles for each section of content; do not title this section “body.”
Conclusion –the conclusion must include your unique and original insights into how your literature review can be used by marketers or other practitioners in the workplace. Refer to the context stated in your introduction. Highlight how your literature review adds to the knowledge of the marketing community and has practical ethical implications for marketers. What did you learn that you would share with other marketers? Address why professional marketers would be interested in this information.
Reference list including a minimum of 7 scholarly journal sources from the Library. This is a typical reference list, not an annotated bibliography. Do not submit assignment until your list contains at least seven scholarly sources on the reference list.
TOPIC How is consumer privacy effected by ethical decisions?
Here is a jump on Sources, but can be changed if needed. scholarly journal sources only (none prior to year 2000)
Adjerid, I., Peer, E., & Acquisti, A. (2018). Beyond the privacy paradox: Objective versus relative risk in privacy decision making. MIS Quarterly, 42(2), 465-488.
Martinez-Martin, N., & Kreitmair, K. (2018). Ethical issues for direct-to-consumer digital psychotherapy apps: addressing accountability, data protection, and consent. JMIR mental health, 5(2), e9423.
Nissenbaum, H. (2018). Respecting context to protect privacy: Why meaning matters. Science and engineering ethics, 24(3), 831-852.
Martin, K. E. (2020). Ethical issues in the big data industry. In Strategic Information Management (pp. 450-471). Routledge.
Allhoff, F., & Henschke, A. (2018). The internet of things: Foundational ethical issues. Internet of Things, 1, 55-66.
Anic, I. D., Škare, V., & Milaković, I. K. (2019). The determinants and effects of online privacy concerns in the context of e-commerce. Electronic Commerce Research and Applications, 36, 100868.
Sun, S., Cegielski, C. G., Jia, L., & Hall, D. J. (2018). Understanding the factors affecting the organizational adoption of big data. Journal of computer information systems, 58(3), 193-203.
Chang, Y., Wong, S. F., Libaque-Saenz, C. F., & Lee, H. (2018). The role of privacy policy on consumers’ perceived privacy. Government Information Quarterly, 35(3), 445-459.
Royakkers, L., Timmer, J., Kool, L., & van Est, R. (2018). Societal and ethical issues of digitization. Ethics and Information Technology, 20(2), 127-142.
Stahl, B. C., & Wright, D. (2018). Ethics and privacy in AI and big data: Implementing responsible research and innovation. IEEE Security & Privacy, 16(3), 26-33.
Use formal tone and third person voice. Paper length should be approximately 7-10 pages of text, not including title page and references

Do you think that the federal mandate of having all health care provider and org

Do you think that the federal mandate of having all health care provider and organizations to incorporate an Electronic Health Record by 2014 is a realistic mandate? As a health care manager, what are some of the concerns you might have in doing so? Explain your answer.
Morrison, E., & Furlong, E. (2019). Health care ethics: Critical issues for the 21st century (4th ed.).
Burlington, MA: Jones and Bartlett Publishers. ISBN-13: 978-1-284-12491-0

o Prompt: Case Analysis of Arbogast, Section 1: Part 1 – Case 1 and/or Case 2 Dr

o Prompt: Case Analysis of Arbogast, Section 1: Part 1 – Case 1 and/or Case 2 Drawing from class material as appropriate, provide a three-fold analysis of the case:
(1) Identify ethical issue(s);
(2) Discuss how the issue(s) came about and what should be done;
(3) Consider insights and applications for your current (or past or future) organizational situation.
Your response should cover the ethical issue AND the business issue as much as possible. Do not simply restate the facts of the case unless using facts of the case to make a point as part of analysis and application.
o Requirements: Write a 2-page essay in APA format.

Research health care ethics committees. Discuss the composition, purposes, funct

Research health care ethics committees. Discuss the composition, purposes, functions, roles, and responsibilities of a health care ethics committee. Include examples of the efforts and actions
of such committees.
Also, read and discuss the Kelly v. Houston Methodist Hospital and the attempted overturn of a
provision of the Texas Advance Directives Act related to hospital medical ethics committees and medical judgment as reported and described in this article,
Preserving Do No Harm: Supreme Court Tosses Challenge to Medical Ethics Committee Law
(Links to an external site.)
Include, at a minimum,
A summary of the case;
the ethical issues of this case;
your personal opinion on the case and the law.
Paper length: 4-5 pages in Word using APA format. Title and bibliography pages are in addition to the 4-5 page requirement. Sources in APA format.

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