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For fashion fans, and everyone else, 2022 will be remembered as the year the met

For fashion fans, and everyone else, 2022 will be remembered as the year the metaverse went mainstream.
Ever since Mark Zuckerberg announced last October the corporate name change from Facebook to Meta, the writing was on the wall. A virtual wall, of course. Soon thereafter, came all the signs of a cultural tipping point—the Super Bowl’s wave of ads for cryptocurrency exchanges ( LeBron James for crypto.com, Larry David for FTX), the metaverse jokes and sketches on Saturday Night Live, and Snoop Dogg’s release of the first music video set in the metaverse, featuring a digitized avatar of the rap mogul smoking blunts and chilling in his “Snoopverse,” a virtual world he’s building online (early access passes to which run $2,000 a pop).
Fashion designers are paying attention. Flogged by fashion’s ongoing sustainability problem, and more recent supply-chain issues, labels are looking for some uplift. “In the real world, possibilities are limited,” says designer Philipp Plein. “The metaverse opens a whole new frontier.”
Plein, whose luxury brand now accepts more than 20 different cryptocurrencies at its online and brick-and-mortar shops, recently dropped $1.4 million to buy virtual real estate in Decentraland, a popular online platform that enables users to build an immersive 3-D metaverse experience. He erected a 120-meter-high virtual skyscraper in time for Metaverse Fashion Week, or MVFW, the world’s biggest all-digital fashion event, held in Decentraland over four days in March.
Unlike fashion weeks in real life, MVFW was free and open to the public, featuring avatar models, animated runways and after-parties, with more than 70 brands and artists, including Karl Lagerfeld, Tommy Hilfiger, Elie Saab, Cavalli, Etro, Dolce & Gabbana, Estée Lauder, and Selfridges, plus digital-native creators—makers of virtual, not actual, clothes—like Auroboros, Fewocious, and The Fabricant
“By their nature, brands tend to expand and create their own universe,” Plein says, noting fashion designers’ entry into home decor, hospitality, automobiles, and more. In the metaverse, he suggests, one could have a “luxury-brand zoo, hospital, [even a] state with its own cryptocurrency.”
The Etro store in Decentraland, which sold metaverse fashion collections Courtesy of Decentraland
Digital Runway
The fashion industry has been dipping its pedicured toe in these waters for a few years, whether we’re talking the metaverse itself (alternate 3-D environments accessed via virtual reality headsets and online platforms), wearables (the digital garments your avatar wears on those platforms), nonfungible tokens (aka NFTs, one-of-a-kind collectibles
in the form of digital images, videos, or audio files), or cryptocurrency (the digital dollars used in the metaverse to buy wearables, NFTs, and more).
Last year saw Christie’s auction off a Gucci NFT, the first from a luxury brand, fetching $25,000. A “Baby Birkin” NFT inspired by the famed Hermès handbag (this one in animated form, depicting a translucent bag and a fetus developing within) was created by two Los Angeles artists, not the brand itself, and generated major buzz, selling at auction for $47,000. Paris Fashion Week offered NFTs to select guests. Burberry, Givenchy, and Louis Vuitton followed. Nike bought virtual-sneaker outfit RTFKT and partnered with Roblox (a metaverse platform) to create its immersive Nikeland. Adidas bought up “land” for its own space in the Sandbox (another metaverse platform).
“We’re living in a time when technology continues to blur the lines between our physical and digital lives,” says Giovanna Graziosi Casimiro, head of MVFW at Decentraland. MVFW drew 108,000 unique attendees. They strolled sci-filike venues, some in fantastical garb bearing wings, dragon heads, illuminated ponytails, and twinkly orbiting lights. Others in hoodies or gym shorts.
Decentraland’s primary catwalk. Courtesy of Decentraland
Democratized Luxury
Such democratization fuels enthusiasm for the metaverse.
“Very few people have access to this crazy luxury world in real life,” says Sofia Sanchez de Betak, whose Chufy brand is typically sold at Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, and The Webster. “This is a way for many people to get a glimpse of it.”
Chufy built a virtual pop-up shop in Decentraland’s fashion district for MVFW. It looked like a tony shop along Paris’ Avenue Montaigne, but boasting a geisha print exterior and floating mannequins and 3-D waves within.
For Sanchez de Betak, the metaverse feeds a new kind of wanderlust, and an excitement reminiscent of the days when places like Cuba or Myanmar opened wide to tourism. “It’s like traveling into another dimension,” she says.
There are kinks in the metaverse, for sure. At present, metaverse technology differs on each platform, so a fab NFT bought on one site cannot be worn on another. And the environmental cost is debatable—proponents emphasize that virtual fashion may quench our hunger for fast fashion and help save the environment. Naysayers point out that the cryptocurrencies underpinning all this activity are linked to blockchains, the digital ledgers that verify these transactions, requiring banks of computers and vast amounts of energy.
Still, a designer can dream.
“We’re exploring,” says Sanchez de Betak. “To the generation already in that world, we’re just saying hi, trying to figure out what it’s about.”
This article appeared in the June 2022 issue of Penta magazine.

the five paragraph essay structure, write a 2 page essay. You will be required

the five paragraph essay structure, write a 2 page essay. You will be required to research, write and cite your work.
Formatting Expectations:
Font: Arial
Pitch: 12
Double Space
Must include cover page.
Document Structure
Response contains a clear paragraph structure, including an introduction, supporting paragraphs and conclusion.
Response is an appropriate length and sufficiently answers the questions.
Document is typed, double-spaced , Arial font &
Pitch: 12
/ 10
Thesis Statement
Introduction includes a clear, specific thesis statement.
Supporting paragraphs refer to the thesis statement and support the argument/opinion.
/ 10
Punctuation Usage
Commas and apostrophes are used appropriately according to the grammatical rules previously discussed.
Other punctuation marks (period, semi-colon, question mark, exclamation mark) are used appropriately.
/ 10
Spelling and Word Choice
Response has been edited carefully to contain no spelling errors.
Student uses appropriate and varied word choice to express response.
/ 10
Active Voice and Sentence Structure
Response is written in active voice.
Response includes various sentence structures and lengths to engage reader.
/ 10

please write 400-450 words and leave the rest for the two replies. This discussi

please write 400-450 words and leave the rest for the two replies.
This discussion board is about giving your opinions backed up with research. A few weeks ago, my class were divided in teams and need to create a magazine proposal and storyboard for a specific theme of their choice. You need to comment on which team’s storyboard you liked the most and why. Choose only 1 out of the 7 teams that you liked the most. Here are the questions from the professor, you need to answer:
I am attaching all FINAL storyboards in this discussion box for you to view. I think you will find them all to be quite interesting!
THIS IS A GRADED DISCUSSION: Please respond to the following questions in an organized manner! 1) Which team’s project did you like the best?
2) What was it about their project that you liked?
3) Was their topic appropriate as an EDITORIAL photoshoot, for the magazine selected and would YOU want to see it in an editorial spread?
4) What could they have improved?
Please be sure to refer to the team member’s name and team number! Your first reply must be posted by Thursday 5/12. Remember, you must respond to at least two other students.
I’ll update info on who to reply, when more people have posted. You will have more time!!! in 3 days

When you read, take note of passages, ideas, questions that you find most import

When you read, take note of passages, ideas, questions that you find most important and
interesting to summarize the reading and make parallels or contrasts with other primary and
secondary sources whenever possible. prepare a set of the
most relevant points of reading, problematize them and be ready to discuss them with your
You presentation will be evaluated as follows:
1. Presentation of the main ideas
2. Clarity of the Power Point
3. Questions
The task of the respondent is to react to the presentation by making a critique of it. Is it clear? Is
it complete? What would you have done better, or differently? What other points are important in
the reading? What other questions can be asked? The respondent needs to demonstrate a good
understanding of the discussed reading. They also need to moderate a 10-minute discussion with
the class.
You response will be evaluated as follows:
1. Response to the main ideas
2. Clarity of the critique
3. Discussion

Trend Research:: Provide a 1 – 2 paragraph Summary of Trend forecast research in

Trend Research:: Provide a 1 – 2 paragraph Summary of Trend forecast research information on hats, colors, textures for fall/winter 2020 and 2021. (consult a minimum of three different sources) Discuss how this trend research help with your buying decisions. Based on WESTERN hats
Weather Predictions:: 1 – 2 paragraph summary of research on the average temperatures predicted for Winter 221 in your buying region (Farmer’s Almanac is a good source). Discuss how this trend research helped with your buying decisions. Based on WESTERN hats

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