Create a new film festival of which you are the director and head programmer. Elements to include: Is it virtual? In-person? Is it a combination of the two? (Around 12-16 slides: 1 to 2 slides per bullet point) 1. What kind of festival is this? Define its vision, mission and goals. Why is it unique? 2. Where would your festival fit on the Pyramid structure of A, B, C and/or any of the specialized categories included in the charts handed out at the beginning of class. 3. Select 12-15 films to program in your festival for competition and/or out of competition. 4. What is your rationale for your selections? Consider creating categories (ie: US Dramatic) drawn from your overall 12-15 films (you can choose films from ’20, ’21, ‘22). 5. How are you honoring/celebrating/respecting the filmmakers/film teams at your festival 6. Create 3-4 unique panels that address issues of diversity, social impact, new innovations and digital platforms (ie: VR, AR, Mixed Reality), industry trends, archival/historical topics, etc. No more than 3 panelists and 1 moderator/panel. Who is on each? 7. Location; Time of year; Length of your festival not to exceed 1 week; Cost of festival pass and/or tickets; Cost to submit a film; Awards qualifier? Sponsors (who?). Virtual? 8. Is there a virtual or in-person market? Would it include short films, docs, student films? 9. Overall Publicity Plan; Create a press kit and a simple pr release for the festival; Prepare a simple 1-sheet with info; a simple landing page for your festival website (OPTIONAL)