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Category: Project Management

Design brief table

For the design brief table, You only need to fill out the success metrics based on the project descriiption and scope
For the research plan table, you only need to fill out the second line for the each question.

Write more of your own original analysis and explanation instead of descriiption.

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Mastery Assignment & Presentation

Project Management
Mastery Assignment & Presentation Instructions
The Mastery Assignment consists of SIX components:
NOTE: Requirements are located in the Blackboard area for these assignments.
Unit 2 Mastery Assignment Instructions:
In essay format, describe a sample system project that will be used throughout the rest of this course. Please note the overall project in the first paragraph (don’t forget to list why the organization is performing this project, the budget, and the overall schedule).
In the second section of the paper be sure to focus on the project estimation methods that you are using to determine the project schedule, cost, and resources. The paper should include a detailed project schedule estimation for the project. (Don’t just state how to estimate but denote the actual estimates for the overall project and how these estimates were created). The schedule should be defined at this stage (the specific costs and resources will be due next week).
• consist of a minimum of 750 words (not including the title or reference pages)
• must be in APA format
• contain at least three peer-reviewed sources
• contain headings for each of the questions noted above and thorough analysis for each of the answers.

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