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 Public health nurses must blend family nursing theories with public health theo

 Public health nurses must blend family nursing theories with public health theories and frameworks to work both with individual families and populations of families. Explain the following three family social science theories, including the strengths and weakness of each one: Family Systems Theory, Family Developmental and Life Cycle Theory and Bioecological Systems Theory. Which theory is most beneficial to you as a public health nurse in achieving healthy outcomes for families and why? 

  I need the following questions answered in 120 words each 1. What entry-level

  I need the following questions answered in 120 words each
1. What entry-level position would you like to have in public relations? Why? (Wilcox et al., 2003, p. 122)
2. Take a peek at this ad for Coke. This is in response to such much negativity pulsing through the internet in the last couple of years. What do you think? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=brrefEANT4o
3. What benefits do students get from completing an internship in college? Why is it important to do an internship? (Wilcox et al., 2003, p.90)

Discussion: A Case of a New Immigrant Imagine that you are an immigrant arriving

Discussion: A Case of a New Immigrant
Imagine that you are an immigrant arriving in a new country. Perhaps you are escaping persecution, famine, or war, or simply pursuing a better life. Perhaps you are detained at the border. You do not have any support networks in this new country, or if you do, they are distant relations. You do not know how the legal system works. You may not know the official language. What would you need? Where would you go?
Social workers are positioned to support new immigrants in their access to services, navigation of systems and policies, and mental and physical health. They must demonstrate cultural humility by, for example, integrating questions related to cultural formulation into their interviews and assessments.
In this Discussion, you research a global or displaced population and create a scenario in which a member of that population immigrates to the United States. You then respond to a colleague’s case scenario by describing how you would engage with the immigrant client as a social worker.
To Prepare
Review the American Psychiatric Association’s information on cultural formulation, as well as the Think Cultural Health video showing the cultural formulation interview in practice.
Identify and research a global or displaced population to focus on for this Discussion. Imagine that a member of this population immigrates to the United States. What strengths and challenges might they have? Develop a brief case scenario describing the immigrant’s experience.
By Day 3
Post your original case scenario involving a new immigrant to the United States. In your scenario:
Identify the country of origin, language(s) spoken, and any employment, housing, legal, or family concerns of the individual.
Describe strengths and challenges related to their arrival and experience of American culture.

Journal: A Global Perspective Asking clients how they view themselves—in terms o

Journal: A Global Perspective
Asking clients how they view themselves—in terms of ethnicity, race, national origin, and other dimensions of diversity—is a culturally humble and appropriate act. So, too, is learning more about a given population through research.
Evidence-based social work, as you recall, involves surveying the literature for the best available information on a particular practice issue and combining that with professional expertise and client preferences to make an educated decision. This same approach can be used in the context of diversity and culturally competent practice. Social work research has been conducted on many different global populations, and the evidence there can be used to guide practice. Remember, though, that there is no “one size fits all” technique for working with specific groups. These research findings must be tempered with the unique circumstances, characteristics, and wishes of a client.
For this Journal, you read peer-reviewed research articles on a global population of your choosing. Then you extract two principles to inform your practice with this population.
To Prepare
Reflect on what you learned about the global and displaced populations identified in this week’s Discussion. Select one population to further research.
Search in the Walden Library for at least two peer-reviewed research articles related to this population.  
By Day 7
Submit a 1- to 2-page written journal or 4- to 5-minute video or audio journal in which you:
Identify the population you have selected.
Based on the two peer-reviewed research articles you found, identify and explain two principles to guide ongoing practice with this population.
Describe how your research into this population has informed you as a culturally competent social worker.
Use the Learning Resources and at least two peer-reviewed research articles to support your thinking. Make sure to provide APA citations and a reference list.

Discussion post on social imagination. please watch video link https://fod-infob

Discussion post on social imagination.
please watch video link https://fod-infobase-com.vlib.excelsior.edu/p_ViewVideo.aspx?xtid=58547&loid=265762         
   and read 

Millennial life: How young adulthood today compares with prior generations

along with the passage uploaded and please type a 250 word discussion post 
instructions ;
In this discussion, you will explore a key sociological concept, the Sociological Imagination. you need to be able to see how an individual’s personal biography is influenced by the social world, and how these biographies influence the way(s) that people interact with the social world. While there are shared social experiences within a culture, such as the type of political system you live in, you also have unique experiences that contribute to your social experiences And reflect on changes we see from one generation to the next

 Classical economists’ belief that prices and quantities adjust to the changes i

 Classical economists’ belief that prices and quantities adjust to the changes in the forces of supply and demand and that the economy produces its potential output in the long run.  On the contrary, Keynesian economists believe because of price and wage rigidities the economy’s equilibrium output in the long run may be less than its potential output.  What is price-wage rigidity?  Do you agree with Keynes assessment that wage-price rigidity requires government’s involvement in the markets?  Why?  Why not? 

Benchmark – Interpreting Financial Statements The purpose of this assignment is

Benchmark – Interpreting Financial Statements
The purpose of this assignment is to employ accounting principles and relevant business practices to evaluate a company’s performance and financial position through a comparison to industry data.
Locate the Critical Thinking CT 10.4 problem at the end of Chapter 10 in the textbook. This will serve as the structure for your assignment. Begin by choosing two competing publicly traded companies from the list below.
Coca-Cola and PepsiCo
Walmart and Target
Nike and Adidas
For the pair of companies selected, you will need to use each company’s stock symbol to locate the liquidity, solvency, and profitability ratios on the MSN Money website. As part of your research, you will need to identify each company’s stock symbol for the American market.
Review the competing companies’ ratios provided at the MSN Money website in the topic resources. Navigate to My Watchlist and enter the name of the company in the Quote Search. Identify and select the correct stock symbol.
Under the “Analysis” heading, use the Growth, Profitability, Price Ratios, Financial Health, Trading Statistics, and Management Effectiveness information to complete a 750-1,000 word comparison addressing the following:  
Evaluate each company’s liquidity relative to its competitor using at least three ratios
Evaluate each company’s solvency relative to its competitor using at least two ratios
Evaluate each company’s profitability relative to its competitor using at least three ratios
Note: You will be assessed on your ability to evaluate each company’s performance based on the information provided at MSN Money. You do not need to calculate the ratios for individual companies or the industry averages.
Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide.
You are required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite to verify similarity and plagiarism.
Survey of Accounting
Kimmel, P. D., & Weygandt, J. J. (2019). Survey of accounting. John Wiley & Sons. ISBN-13: 9781119594536
Survey of Accounting With WileyPLUS
Kimmel, P. D., & Weygandt, J. J. (2019). Survey of accounting with WileyPLUS. John Wiley & Sons. ISBN-13: 9781119767763
The textbook and all associated resources and course assignments will be available through WileyPLUS. Your instructor will provide the login information to WileyPLUS.
Survey of Accounting With WileyPLUS: 
Read Chapter 10 in Survey of Accounting With WileyPLUS.
MSN Money:
Explore the “Money” webpage located on the msn website. https://www.msn.com/e

Module 7 peer responses  Respond to 2 peer responses  Peer 1 Kayla I chose the 2

Module 7 peer responses 
Respond to 2 peer responses 
Peer 1 Kayla
I chose the 2011 Fukushima Meltdown happened because of a 9.0 earthquake that triggered a tsunami in Japan. The wave overcame the nuclear powerplant and flooded the reactors. With the flooding of the reactor’s radiation leaked from the power plant forcing an evaluation of the area. The residents only had 10 minutes to evacuate before the tsunami hit and with the combined tsunami and the radiation leak a 500, 000 people were forced to leave the area. While there was a backup plan and the nuclear plant did detect the earthquake and emergency generators were activated, the flooding caused by the tsunami knocked out the generators causing chemical explosions which caused structural damage and then caused radioactive material to leak into the atmosphere and Pacific Ocean (BBC News, 2021). While there were no deaths because of the nuclear meltdown, 16 people were injured and it caused people to be exposed to radiation as efforts were made to “cool the reactors and stabilize the plant” (BBC News, 2021). The World Health Organization released reports that there were “no adverse health effects” that were reported among the residents of Fukushima there was a report of one worker who died after the exposure of radiation and the family was properly compensated (BBC News, 2021). While this was a natural disaster that caused a human error and there was an emergency plan in place, I don’t think that anyone would have created an emergency plan or protocol that would have guessed that an earthquake that caused a tsunami would have flooded the reactors. I think that this directly relates to the movie, because there was an emergency plan in place, it’s just the magnitude of the natural disaster was not considered. While Japan is used to tsunami’s, by the photo you can see just how close the water is to the nuclear power plant, while I can see that was likely a part of an emergency plan, it will cause significant problems as it did in the meltdown. Luckily no one died because of the explosion, so that is a plus, but the long-standing effects of this disaster are still in effect today. Honestly, it is hard to make a plan for EVERY POSSIBLE INSTANCE that could occur. No one can even think of all the scenarios, so while this was a man-made disaster and seen as a lack of planning, you can see safeguards were in place and there was at least a plan, the plan just failed.
BBC News. (2021, March 10). Fukushima disaster: What happened at the nuclear plant? Retrieved from BBC News: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-56252695
Peer 2 Melissa 
            The Commercial Mobile Alert System (CMAS) is a warning tool in development that may be utilized by national, state, local and tribal governments, or anyone else in the IPAWS framework to send warnings and alerts to a geo-targeted population’s mobile phones. It is a receive-only system, that delivers Presidential, Imminent Threat, and Amber alerts and warnings to all cell towers in the area which are then received by cellular devices in the area. It is a great tool for delivering alerts and warnings to everyone in a specific area. However, like all warning systems, CMAS has its advantages and disadvantages.
            CMAS is a great tool to reach everyone in an area. Using CMAS, the alert or warning issued is received by everyone with CMAS-capable phones close enough to the tower to which the message was sent. The CMAS-capable phones will receive the message if they are in the tower’s range, regardless of the phone carrier it uses. Another advantage of the system is that there is no subscriber cost. The system is free to everyone, no money needs to be paid out of pocket from subscribers to receive messages from CMAS.
            The most important advantage of CMAS it’s zero impact on the load on cellular systems. CMAS utilizes cell broadcast technology to disseminate messages instead of SMS networks to avoid congestion. This is the most important advantage because it allows the system to continue being used during disasters. In a disaster event, cellular system load is increased, and at times overwhelmed, by victims calling out for help and reaching out to loved ones that may have been impacted to see if they’re okay. If the system was also using the SMS system, it would increase this load even further, and the message may be delayed reaching the population due to the traffic or not received at all. Since CMAS uses cell broadcast technology, it applies no extra strain on the cellular system and allows to system to continue being used to provide messages quickly and keep people safe.
            While there are many benefits to the system, it comes with its own set of drawbacks, which is why the system is only operational in some areas and is not ready for widespread, active use. For instance, while most phones today have CMAS capabilities, some phones, especially older ones, may not work with the system. The populations carrying these non-CMS-capable phones are likely to be more vulnerable, such as the elderly or poor populations, leaving them unaware of hazards. In addition, the county is only currently capable of broadcasting to areas from the county level and up. It still cannot target smaller areas for isolated incidents, such as neighborhoods or cities.
            The biggest disadvantage of CMAS is the message limitations. Messages have a limit of 90 characters of text and cannot include images or hyperlinks. This is problematic because 90 characters are extremely short, about 10-20 words. In many instances, alerts and warnings cannot be cut down to 90 words and still provide enough important information, especially when additional information cannot be attached to it in the form of a picture or hyperlink. Valuable information can easily be cut out from these messages or the need for more than one message may need to be disseminated, which could lead to confusion or misunderstanding. People need enough information to make informed decisions and protect themselves from harm.
(Word Count: 564)
Capitalize My Title. (2021, July 14). How Many Words Is 90 Characters? Capitalize My Title. Retrieved June      23, 2022, from https://capitalizemytitle.com/character-count/90-characters/ 
Merrick, D. (2022, June). Alerts and Warnings. Google Docs. Retrieved June 20, 2022, from https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/17xmLrUt-hHoSJNdFByx2IOeltMddvFX2Y4GlS2OJzlY/edit#slide=id.p1.

  Hello Class, Individuals are said to be unemployed when they are willing and a

Hello Class,
Individuals are said to be unemployed when they are willing and able to work and are actively seeking jobs. The three types of unemployment are Frictional, Structural and Cyclical.
Frictional Unemployment this type is referred to as the “good” type. This is where people in the labor force are looking for jobs or have a job and looking for or to waiting to get a better offer. This would include a graduate from college looking for a job.
Structural Unemployment when the skills become obsolete and due to development and inventions to make way of life better. Though this is the hardest form to be tracked by the government.
Cyclical this is a form of unemployment which is as a result of the fall in business cycle which could be a recession or economic downturn. loss of job due to closures
Amongst the three Frictional can be seen as the desirable compared to the other two as it is the waiting period that allows employers to be able to recruit the skills they want or the people to accept the best possible option for them. This will in turn create a positive impact on the economy in term of increase in demand for goods and services due to increase in income level when people get employed. Structural and Cyclical are as a result of of the business and economic factors that forces people out of employed to unemployment. But structural is needed for the greater good for the way of life and gives room for innovation.
The advent of the internet cannot eliminate frictional unemployment as there will always be a waiting or transition period between college graduates seeking and getting jobs. Also, as individuals desires change there would be a continuous need to seek for higher and better job offers.
Rittenberg_Ch4-6.pdf (apus.edu)
(266) (Old Version) Macro 2.3- Unemployment and Natural Rate of Unemployment- AP Macro – YouTube

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