Write a minimum of 6 full pages and up to 8 pages on one of the following topics.
Your essay should include a clear thesis that is supported by textual evidence from the chosen play and at least TWO additional sources (scholarly texts, articles, plays, theoretical texts, videos, etc.)
You should use MLA formatting (12pt. font, double spaced, 1 inch margins, etc.) and include a bibliography (not included in your page count).
Paper prompt #1:
You are a director and the Berliner Ensemble has just hired you to direct your favorite play. It can be any play from any era and by any playwright (from this class or from the secondary list we assembled on canvas). Of course, the folks at the Berliner want you to use a Brechtian approach for your production. To research your approach you will want to consult “The Modern Theatre is the Epic Theatre” and any other of Brecht’s theoretical writings (or writings about Brecht) you might find helpful (you must have two sources in total). To present your vision, write a paper that:
Briefly presents the play you would choose to direct, giving us a short synopsis of the plot. This might be an opportunity to take on a play with which you have a complicated love-hate relationship, or a way to amplify a play you already likeā€¦
Explains why you think this play would benefit from a Brechtian treatment (what would be gained? What political or social commentary would it allow you to make? what revision or adaptation could you make via the use of Brechtian techniques?)
Describes with specific examples how you would apply Brechtian techniques to your production in terms of acting, scenic, costume and lighting design, etc.
Reflects on the type of engagement you hope to elicit from your audience.