Learning Goal: I’m working on a theater discussion question and need support to help me learn.Your posts for these discussions should be at least one paragraph per question in the prompt, with at least 4-5 sentences per paragraph. We know that Aristotle wrote the Poetics as an analysis of existing plays, specifically including those of Sophocles. He ordered the elements of tragedy from most to least important as such:Plot — the events and actions of the play
Character — the people inhabiting the world of the play and the moral character of these individuals
Thought — the ideas expressed
Diction or Language — the language and words used to tell the story
Music and Dance — encompassing what the chorus contributed to the play through their song and dance
Spectacle — physical presentation of the play through sets, costumes, and lighting
Questions:Do you think this production of Antigone follows and upholds that order of the elements in terms of importance? Or do you think this modern interpretation utilizes some of the lower/lesser elements (language, spectacle, music and dance) in a way that actually makes them more important in this particular production?
Rank the six elements of tragedy based on how you feel this production utilized them. Be descriptive. This should align with and expand on your analysis in the first part of the post.
Requirements: deeply