Learning Goal: I’m working on a white papers report and need a sample draft to help me learn.self-reflection paper should focus on the following issues:
1. What did you learn from the course? Provide the most important learning
points and concepts on (Business Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility and
Corporate Governance) you believe you have gained from the course; your
readings, in class discussions, case studies… etc., you should also explain why
you found them personally meaningful to you.
2. Explain How you could apply what you’ve learned to your current or future
job and at the same time in your personal life.
3. What does it mean to be moral and/or ethical within business? Give examples.
4. What are the different stressors that you discovered that affected your morals
and ethics? Explain why.
5. What unethical business decisions did you make in your life (if any) and why
did you believe they were legal and/or unethical? Give examples. * The paper should be about (800-1000) words.
• The paper should be written in Microsoft Word and should be correctly
• The paper should be well organized, clear and easy to read, laid out
effectively, using headings, subheads and bullets.
• The paper should be submitted by ………………….
• I expect that the required paper will be in a highly professional manner that
appropriates to the level of executive MBA students.